How To Custom a Nameplate With Your Own Logo


Electroforming nickel sticker, so called separate self-adhesive metal letter scutcheon, or extra-thin metal nickel label, commonly made of nickel, stainless steel or PE. This products are widely used to be a brand logo, a pattern decoration for various applications, such as laptop, TV set, computer, mobile phone etc.

It is a cost-efficient and flamboyant 3d sticker with the thin thickness in 0.04 to 0.12mm. For this sticker, it mostly includes seven types of finish like shiny, matte, brushing, hollowing, polishing, gridding, twilling and so on.


Many colors can be customized on electroforming nickel sticker, such as gold, chrome, silver, gun, black etc. depends on your preferred. Due to its self-adhesive property, it normally has three types of glue for sticking, which is transfer tape, organic adhesive and hot melt glue. Hot melt glue is the most expensive glue among those different glue. If no special requirement, it will be made of transfer tape.


Electroforming nickel sticker also can be made in a sheet or individual, and there is a limit to size, which 160x290mm. Shunding hardware is devoted to manufacture this stickers, if you are interested in our electroforming nickel sticker, contact us to know more details.

At the beginning of how to order a custom nameplate, it is necessary to know what materials you are expected to select. Usually, nameplate was made of woods, metal, plastics or other materials. In this in-depth guide, we here will mainly explore the materials of metal nameplates. For metal nameplates, the regular materials mostly include aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless steel, nickel, zinc, monel etc. To select proper materials depends on its intended application and lasting requirement. For example, if we want to apply the nameplate for machinery, the durability and permanent properties will be dominated to consider.

Installation method also should be considered when design a logo plate. General methods of nameplate installing include using stronger adhesive, fasteners, screw so on.

According to its final intended application, the dimensions, shape, requested thickness and finish of nameplate will be principal elements for design. We should consider all the factors comprehensively, and then work out a suitable solutions to select the proper materials, size, detailed graphics etc.

In fact, to custom a nameplate is very simple, just contact and share us your ideas, our talented team will help you to finish and meet to your expected requirements. Following is the flow chart of us, ShunDing hardware:

First, sent an inquiry to us online or to our email, and tell us more detailed specifications such as shape, dimensions, thickness, requested finish and quantity, and where it will be placed to, if possible. If you already have the design artwork, attached it for us will be much better.  

Second, we will scrutinize all your custom specifications, and discuss with you to determine a optimum solution for real production. Meanwhile, favorable quotation will also be offered corresponding to agreed initial solution.

Third, after received the payments, we will start to draw the design, or adjust your artwork to meet to producing. Before start to manufacture, all design artwork is requested to be confirmed by you so that to highly meet to your expecting. Only after got your approval, we proceed to arrange it to produce.

Call us today to know more about nameplate or custom your unique and exquisite nameplate.


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