The role and advantages of Polypropylene meltblown electret master batch for masks


Polypropylene meltblown electret masterbatch can increase the density and depth of the charge trapping energy trap in melt blown nonwoven fabric,effectively release negative ions and store charge to improve the comprehensive filtration efficiency and thermal attenuation resistance of meltblown nonwoven fabric. Next, Qingdao Sainuo electret masterbatch manufacturer will take you to know his relevant information.


Product Advantage of Polypropylene meltblown electret masterbatch:

1. No need to add new equipment, no need to significantly adjust the existing melt-blown non-woven production process(melt blown process).

2. Does not affect the normal cleaning cycle and service life of the spinneret.

3. Under the condition of the same fiber fineness and the same weight, it can reduce the resistance of the non-woven fabric products, and at the same time improve the filtration efficiency and self-sterilization performance of non-woven fabric products. Filtration efficiency ≥95%.


Polypropylene meltblown electret masterbatch 818 for masks Appearance:

1. Appearance: Cylindrical 3.5-8mm regular particles

2. Bulk density: 0.81-0.89g/cm3

3. Color: True color


Mask special polypropylene melt-blown electret masterbatch 818 packaging and storage conditions:

Paper-plastic composite packaging bag, lined with polyethylene bag, net weight 25 kg per bag, pay attention to storage in a cool dry place.


Polypropylene meltblown electret masterbatch Applications:

electret masterbatch can be widely used in polypropylene melt-blown spinning process(melt blown process) and high-performance non-woven fabrics(non woven manufacturing process), especially suitable for meltblown cloth for disposable medical and civil masks.


Product parameters of Polypropy lene melt-blown electret masterbatch:

Appearance: Cylindrical 3.5-8mm regular particles.

Bulk density: 0.81-0.89g/cm3。

Color: original color

Product Added amount: 2-4%


Product picture of Polypropy lene melt-blown electret masterbatch:

electret masterbatch


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