What Are Toggle Switches?


Toggle switches are those switches which are manually actuated with the help of a mechanical lever, or a handle, or at times a rocking mechanism.

These have innumerable applications and are available in a host of colors and looks. Switches are designed to provide simultaneous actuation of a number of electrical contacts, or at times to control huge amounts of electrical currents or even main voltages. The word toggle refers to the joint consisting of two arms which are connected with an elbow like pivot. But off late, this term has come to be used for a positive snap action and a short handle, irrespective of the fact that whether they are based on a toggle mechanism or not.

Switches come in a large variety of colors and switching functions. They are variants, starting from miniature switches which have 1 or 2 poles for throwing momentary and sustained functions and which come in the rating of 28 VDC, to sub miniature switches to high ampere switches which have a rating of 20A 125VAC 2HP.

There is a huge variety of momentary push button switches also available in this category. They have a 28VDC rating, and have1 or 2 poles momentary function with solder lug and quick connect termination. One can in fact avail of illuminated switches in this category.

To avoid accidental and unnecessary activation of the toggle switches, one should install toggle switch guard. That apart it also protects the switches.

It is also advisable that one goes in for a toggle switch cover to help identifying the different switches based ion their different colors.

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