How to choose Tarpaulin manufacturer


For 100% waterproof Tarpaulin, please come to Zhongshan LINYANGT arpaulin factory. In the Tarpaulin industry, Zhongshan LINYANG Tarpaulin is the leader. Our company has advanced production and processing experience and technology, and all kinds of Tarpaulin produced have quality assurance. It is the best choice for the local Tarpaulin of Tarpaulin in Zhongshan. Zhongshan has a mild climate and abundant rainfall. The four seasons are like spring. It has a humid subtropical monsoon climate with a lot of precipitation, mainly in summer. Faced with the weather characteristics of sufficient rainfall, the PVC coated Tarpaulin produced by the Zhongshan Linyang Tarpaulin Plant is the first choice for customers, because the PVC coated Tarpaulin is a high-quality waterproof Tarpaulin, combined with the heat-sealing processing method, the waterproof performance can reach 100%.

PVC-coated Tarpaulin is the first choice Tarpaulin of LINYANG Tarpaulin in Zhongshan. Tarpaulin coated with pvc can be used to cover various Tarpaulin products such as Tarpaulin for goods, Tarpaulin for freight yards, Tarpaulin for ships, Tarpaulin for automobiles, and Tarpaulin cover for dust. Because of the good waterproof performance of PVC-coated Tarpaulin, the Tarpaulin products made of PVC-coated fabrics are absolutely good in water resistance. They can become waterproof Tarpaulin for cover cargo, Tarpaulin for cargo yard, Tarpaulin for marine, Tarpaulin for automobile, and Tarpaulin for waterproofing. Dust and waterproof Tarpaulin. PVC coated fabric-Tarpaulin is based on high-strength polyester Tarpaulin, coated with a variety of chemical additives on the surface of Tarpaulin, and plasticized at high temperature, making the pvc coated fabric waterproof, mildew-resistant, cold-resistant, and aging-resistant , Anti-static and other properties; special treatment on the surface of the pvc coated cloth has a non-slip effect. It is an internationally used waterproof cloth.

PVC-coated cloth products can be customized according to customer requirements. The pvc-coated cloth is spliced ​​by heat to avoid the worry of water leakage in sewing pinholes. PVC coated cloth can produce products with different functions, different colors, and different thicknesses according to user needs.

Choosing Tarpaulin manufacturer needs to consider the company scale, company qualifications, company reputation and other aspects, and LINYANG is a foreign trade factory that meets all standards. With many years of production experience in Tarpaulin, it is the ideal Tarpaulin manufacturer and your partner.

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