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The role of mechanical seal

Mechanical seals have good performance, and can be widely used even in harsh environments, such as high temperature, high pressure, corrosion, etc. In order to better understand its product applications, the following is an introduction to related functions .

1. Improve machine efficiency and reduce energy consumption

1. Reduce the internal leakage, external leakage and leakage of the machine, and improve the volumetric efficiency of the machine.

2. Reduce friction loss and improve the mechanical efficiency of the machine.

3. Change the sealing method to improve the efficiency of the machine or unit.

4. Change the auxiliary system to reduce energy consumption and improve the efficiency of the unit.

Second, save raw materials.

Three, improve the reliability of the machine.

Fourth, safety and environmental protection.

The above is the relevant introduction of the mechanical seal. According to the introduction, understand the use of the equipment, which effectively improves the working efficiency of the equipment, while reducing equipment failures, and better extending the service life.

Company Advantages Of Lepu Mechanical Seal Supplier

1. The quality of Lepu Mechanical Seal for Grundfos Pump is guaranteed. It has undergone comprehensive testing, including verifying appliance characteristics, measuring energy efficiency and energy consumption, energy class labeling and assuring electrical safety. Lepu ensures that the product quality and appearance are same to the original

2. Due to its cost-effectiveness, the product is becoming more and more popular in this field.

3. The product features bacteria resistance. Its fabrics have been added with anti-bacterial fiber which is effective in restraining the reproduction of bacteria. Lepu products cost less than that of the original

Lepu-Professional Mechanical Seal Grundfos Pump Grundfos Mechanical

Oring structure Grundfos Mechanical Seal GRF-B were designed for grundfos CH, CNP-CDL series pump. This mechanical seal can work in high temperature and corrosive medium condition.

The rotary and stationary seal face can choose carbon or silicon as material, rubber seal part depends on what liquid, most people use viton or epdm.

As a leading mechanical seal manufacturer since 1998, lepu seal factory make this grundfos mechanical seal GRF-B for a long time, and more than 100 clients keep buying this seal from our seal factory, all give positive feedback about this seal.

Lepu-Professional Mechanical Seal Grundfos Pump Grundfos Mechanical-4

  • ◪ Temperature:-30℃ to 200℃
  • ◪ Pressure:≤1.2MPa
  • ◪ Speed:≤10m/s
  • ◪ Materials
  • ◪ Stationary Ring: Sic/TC/Carbon
  • ◪ Rotary Ring: Sic/TC
  • ◪ Secondary Seal: NBR / EPDM / Viton
  • ◪ Spring and Metal Part: Stainless Steel

Guangzhou Lepu machinery CO., LTD becomes one of the leading mechanical seal supplier in south of china, we focus in designing and manufacturing mechanical seal for many kinds of famous brand pumps, our mechanical seal cover many kinds of industry like food, petrol chemical, paper making, sea ship, and so on.

Lepu-Professional Mechanical Seal Grundfos Pump Grundfos Mechanical-7

Lepu-Professional Mechanical Seal Grundfos Pump Grundfos Mechanical-8



Lepu-Professional Mechanical Seal Grundfos Pump Grundfos Mechanical-11



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